Michelle Saahene

Michelle  is Co-Founder of From Privilege to Progress. She has worked in healthcare and now is a Life Coach, where her focus and passion is to help others progress in personal development. 

Melissa DePino

Melissa is Co-founder of From Privilege to Progress. She is principal of Leapfrog Group, a branding and marketing firm for non-profits, a former high school English teacher, and a writer.

Meghan Knoedler

Meghan is our Director of Operations and Strategy.  She has worked as a manager of a health care research collaboration, a health care blogger, and a cardiac surgical ICU nurse.


Melissa DePino and Michelle Saahene met at Starbucks in Philadelphia on April 12, 2018. They connected after witnessing two innocent black men being arrested for not buying a coffee. It’s hard to be silent while witnessing such blatant disrespect of another human being right in front of your eyes. Sadly, that day many were silent. It took our cohesive effort -- a black woman and a white woman standing up to racism -- to set off an international story that sparked the dialogue on what racism looks like today.